Social Escort Job In Singapore?

Want to work as a social escort in Singapore but not sure what to expect? Here’s a day in the life of a female social escort in Singapore:

If you noticed, most people in Singapore who work as an escort girl actually do it part time, as most clients also only order services in the evening as most clients are high fliers in society and are usually successful bankers, lawyers, surgeons e.t.c.

Additionally, if you’re wondering, yes it’s true. Social escorts get paid so much that majority of them get paid many times their regular day jobs. The main reason they still hold onto a day job is not for the money, but it’s just so that they have a ‘job front’, to talk to others about during events or family gatherings about their work. This is because Singapore is still culturally conservative and most women feel uncomfortable telling other people about their work as a social escort even though it’s perfectly legal.

Many women will claim they have changed after being a social escort, as they will sometimes meet clients who are actually engaged, attached or even married and have potential ‘trust issues’ in future with their future partner. However most, when asked, will still be a social escort even if time were to turn back – this means that virtually none of them regretted becoming one. This is because the payouts are really exceedingly high for such a simple ‘girlfriend experience‘ service. Additionally, the excess cash flow is fantastic to put forth for purchases, alleviation of expenses and a good rainy day fund!

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