How To Find The Right Social Escort Agency For Your Needs

There is definitely a good number of agencies in Singapore, however, most of them are dodgy, or whose girls are simply terrible looking. So how do you find the right social escort agency to engage the services from? I personally recommend and engage the services of SG VIP Escorts (

First of all, you need to know what’s your own requirements. For example, do you want to go on a overseas trip and are looking for a partner? Or are you looking for a partner to go to the company’s gala dinner with you? Or are you simply looking for a private date with a gorgeous and beautiful girl? Once you know your own requirements, move to step 2.

Secondly, make sure to look for what type of girl you want. Although most escort agencies offer girls of all races and between ages 18 to 25, which is the ‘hot’ age for escorts, not all do. So make sure to know your own tastes and preferences for women you want to date before bothering to make your research online.

Third of all,¬†make sure that the agency is registered. There are some unregistered businesses in Singapore, and if you transfer any money to them, it’s nearly impossible to withdraw it out in the event of a fraud – because most scammers are using POSB or DBS personal accounts. Only make sure that if you deposit, it’s into a corporate account. As all registered Singapore companies are required to submit accounting statements to the local government, it’s easy to make a police report in the event of fraud (which is unlikely if it’s a registered company and corporate bank account). This is unlike personal accounts where it’s nearly impossible to prove that they’re guilty of scamming.

Next of all, check out their prices. Thankfully for you, prices in Singapore are generally quite similar, and relatively cheap at only $400 to $800 per hour. So price comparisons are not really necessary¬†– if you’re fretting over the prices, you’re probably not a target customer.

Finally, I recommend that you can speak with their customer service officer or agency manager before engaging their services. Most of them provide a mobile/office number and/or email address. Simply contact them and ensure that you feel perfectly comfortable with their business before engaging their social escort girls.

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