When Should You Engage A Social Escort In Singapore?

There are some events and places where many people will want to engage social escort services. Here are some occasions where I think hiring a social escort in Singapore will be suitable.

  1. First of all, it would be during a business meeting at a bar. This is a highly popular occasion to bring along a gorgeous girl. Where multi-million dollar deals are involved, it’s normal to bring along a gorgeous girl to the business meeting in Singapore. This is to partly elevate the status of the person bringing the girl (or social escort) as well as to improve the mood of the person you’re negotiating with (as most men love pretty women).
  2. Second of all, some men, especially foreigners like bringing gorgeous women to the casinos in Singapore with them as a form of good luck. Beautiful women are always looked upon fondly, as long as they know how to act well. This is usually the case with high class, VIP social escorts in Singapore.
  3. Third of all, F1 parties. The yearly F1 event is held in September in Singapore, and due to the event being held at night, lots of nightclubs and parties will be around. This is a great time for rich men to bring along beautiful women (and since many men are foreigners to Singapore, they usually just hire local high class social escorts as their +1).

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