How To Get The Best Girlfriend Experience In SG?


If you have not yet heard of the term before “girlfriend experience”, it simply means the experience of dating without any strings attached. This is a common service which is provided by high class social escort agencies in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts, SG Model Escorts and so on.

Essentially, girlfriend experience means the experience of having a girlfriend such as going out, watching movies, enjoying each other’s companies, taking a nice meal together, sharing each other’s thoughts e.t.c. for a short period of time (e.g. 1 to 3 hours) without any emotional or moral obligations to stay attached to each other or continue dating afterwards. In Singapore, girlfriend experience (GFE) is in other words, a synonym of social escort services.

So if you want to get the best girlfriend experience in Singapore, where should you go to and which SG social escort agency should you engage?

While I do not have specific recommendations, here are some tips I have for you in picking the right agency and girls for yourself.

  1. Most agencies provide international escorts (meaning they’re not local from Singapore) while some provide and specialize in local sg girl service only. For example, SG VIP Escorts specializes in local girlfriend experience in Singapore. It’s important to know what’s your personal preference when it comes to the girlfriend experience. Only from there should you make a decision, otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the many choices available.
  2. Most agencies publicly list their girls’ ages, height and weight and basic details. This means that if you have a preference, then make sure to look through these details first before actually going to pick a particular girl and getting shocked when you meet her in real life.
  3. Most companies charge by the hour, and so you should decide beforehand where you want to bring the girl before deciding which service level (i.e. number of hours of service) you want to book with the agency as most agencies don’t want last minute changes as the girl may be booked with another client at another timing.