Is It Legal To Get A Female Escort Job In Singapore?

A lot of false information and scare articles have been appearing online and further spread by ignorant people who did not read the law.

First of all, if you want to get a female escort job, great. That’s your own choice and if it makes you happy, do it! It is perfectly legal. Being a female escort means that you act as a pretend girlfriend to the client during the period of the services. There is no law saying that it’s illegal to exchange cash for pretending to be a girlfriend of someone else (or a mom or dad or e.t.c. for that matter). So why are there so many scare articles out online telling people that it’s illegal to be an escort or that escort agencies are illegal? This is because they are targeting readers who want ‘juicy’ news without thinking whether it’s true or not. If you read closely, 100% of those articles will just write that a certain agency was busted for illegal vice activities. It was NOT busted because it was an escort agency. For instance, is an accounting company legal? Yes if it’s registered and stick to the laws! However, if it helps to launder cash and cook accounts, it’s illegal!

Therefore, if you’re asking, the answer is yes and escort agencies are legal, if they are registered and only sell companionship and escorts are legal as long as they work with registered agencies in Singapore and provide romantic companionship only (no sexual services). You can get such a legal social escort job here. Till date, SG VIP Escorts is one of the rare few legal agencies left in Singapore which does not promote or facilitate vice activities, which means that if you are attractive and join them, you can make all the money since all the money is flowing to them. By being their exclusive escort, you can potentially make a lot (albeit you must be attractive looking).

The conclusion is that being a female escort is perfectly legal in Singapore, however, engaging in vice activities or knowingly joining an unregistered agency is illegal. Now, if you’re still worried, let me put it in another way. Being an accountant is legal in Singapore, but engaging in vice activities like cooking the books or helping a client launder money e.t.c is illegal. Makes more sense to you now? Becoming a female escort is a very lucrative route if you are attractive. Just stick to your job and steer clear of vice activities and life will be smooth.

Being a Social Escort In Singapore – Pros and Cons

Are you considering a career as a social escort? Here are some of the common pros and cons of being a social escort in Singapore (you might want to check out if you are looking for a job).


  • You can do it as a part time job. Most escorts in Singapore do it on a part time basis, simply because they have a day job or are students. However, even though it’s on a part time basis, the amount you can potentially make can be more than that of many full time jobs.
  • This brings us to the next point – you can expect to make a decent amount of money a month, even when working part time as an escort. Most escorts take home around $150 to $450 per hour (less per hour if total has more hours). This means that just approximately 2 appointments a week will bring your earnings up to over $2000 for that month! All this money for just 2 hours a week. There is literally NO other job in the world which pays this well – other than being an escort in Singapore.
  • There is tremendous validation of you and your looks when you know that someone is willing to pay extremely big bucks to spend just a short period of time with you. Although this sounds narcissistic, I do think it’s a very good point.
  • You can use it as a way to fund your extravagant lifestyle (if you are popular) or save up very quickly for your further studies. It’s a great and easy way to make a lot of money if you are attractive looking. After all, an escort is a model.


  • Just like any job, there are definitely cons to this. First of all, it is likely that you may become more materialistic over time, especially considering how much you get paid as an escort. Additionally, you will also tend to have higher expectations of men – although this is both a pro (you have higher standards) and a con (you will find it more difficult to find a man who qualifies).
  • Some men are not very comfortable with you being an escort before. Not all men are willing to enter a long term relationship with an escort, but the right man will.
  • This is not a job for the close-minded. In conservative culture Singapore, escorting is considered relatively taboo for many people, even if being a social escort under a registered, legitimate agency is legal in Singapore. If you are one of the ‘ordinary’ please do not apply for a job as an escort. If you are easily affected by what others think about it, do not apply for it, or you will very stressed.