Wedding Photography Singapore – Which Photographer Should You Pick?

This post is meant for FOREIGNERS who want to have their wedding ceremony in SINGAPORE.

Most foreigners to Singapore who want to have their actual day wedding ceremony in Singapore have to decide if they should engage a photographer and fly them over to Singapore to help them for the actual day wedding photoshoot or they should simply get a local actual day wedding photographer in Singapore.

Here is my advice to foreigners who are dying to get that question answered! Read them and see both the advantages and disadvantages for type of decision and make the final decision along with your spouse.

Here are some of the advantages that hiring a local actual day wedding photographer in Singapore will bring:

The costs will be significantly lower as you would not need to pay for the travel air tickets for the photographer. Instead, if you were to engage a photographer or studio from your country, and fly them to Singapore, you would definitely need to pay for all their air tickets. In the event that they ‘absorb’ these costs, they would have calculated them into the package price and have thus charged you for these costs as well.

Second of all, Singapore has many great local bridal photography studios and photographers. There are lots of great choices when it comes to actual day wedding photographers, and that alone (which you can find out simply by Googling) will ensure that your bridal photos will turn out looking amazing even without bringing / flying in a photographer.

Third of all, no one would be more familiar with Singapore’s locations, wedding venues, potential photoshoot locations than a local bridal photographer from Singapore. They would thus find it very easy to help you and your spouse capture amazing photographs from amazing angles for your actual day wedding in Singapore. Additionally, they would be able to suggest you several unique locations in Singapore for additional photography if you were to have free time during the actual day wedding ceremony in Singapore.

Recommended Singapore Wedding Photography Studios

Although Singapore is a small island, it has lots of wedding photography studios, and even more wedding photographers. With so many to pick from, there’s bound to be bad ones. Here are some of the top local wedding photographer based on their portfolio as well as reviews for some of them.

Grandeur Wedding Studio

First of all, Grandeur Wedding Studio. A top local wedding photographer in Singapore according to their portfolio and their reviews on Google Plus, Grandeur hires some of the very best professionals in the country for their customers’ wedding photoshoots. Specializing in local pre-wedding photography and actual day wedding photography, Alvin, the founder at Grandeur Wedding Studio, who is a serial entrepreneur known only for starting companies with exceptional services and quality. If you need a top notch wedding photographer in Singapore, check out Grandeur.

Nat Studios

Second of all, Nat Studios. Known mainly as an overseas (outside of Singapore) wedding photography studio with Singapore photographers, Nat Studios is a critically acclaimed studio for couples in Singapore who want to go for destination weddings and want a wedding photographer from Singapore to accompany them.

Bloc Memoire

Third of all, if you want an artisan feeling to your wedding photos, then check out Guan or Bloc Memoire. Founded by Guan, Bloc Memoire focuses on being artisan and provides you with adorable and artisan thumb drive and box as the end product for you, whereas most companies simply pass you a DVD-ROM or thumbdrive.

9 Tips How To Look Good In Your Wedding Photos

Here are the 9 tips how to look good in your wedding photos.

1 First of all, always make sure to workout. All the tricks in the world wouldn’t work if you do not workout and ensure that you have a great looking body (and hence a lean and fit looking face). A great body usually means a better looking and more radiant looking face. And also, which bride in Singapore wouldn’t want to look sexier with a slimmer body?

2 Sleep and rest sufficiently. Every bride needs different amounts of sleep to function their best and look their best – find out what’s yours and make sure you take that!

3 Hire the best wedding photographers in town! Singapore has lots of good wedding photographers and a few solidly great wedding photographers. Take your time to find out the great photographers and approach them. It’s well worth your time and effort.

4 Drink enough water and bring water out with you during your wedding photoshoot day in Singapore. Singapore has a really hot weather, and you will dehydrate easily on the day of the wedding photoshoot. To ensure that you look great and hydrated, make sure to bring at least 1 to 2 bottles of plain water to keep you and your husband hydrated in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

5 Similar to the last point, make sure to bring a clean and nice face towel out. This is because you may be perspiring as you’re having your wedding photoshoot in Singapore. You want to look clean when you’re having your photographs taken, so make sure to bring a towel to keep you and your husband’s face dry during the shoot!

6 Buy or rent wedding gowns which suit you and flatter your body figure and face structure. It’s very important to pick a gown that suits you because that can easily make you look great! (Check out Grandeur’s gown collection @, they have great looking wedding dresses.)

7 Make sure to plan things in advance. This is because when you’re feeling all flustered, chances are, you will not look good in your wedding images. Make sure to plan for everything in advance when it comes to your wedding.

8 Practice smiling. It is unbelievable how few people know how to smile – and this is especially the case when it comes to guys, as there are more guys than girls who are less conscious about their looks. If your husband does not know how to smile naturally in photographs, make sure to get him to practice – you don’t want him to look fake or forced in your wedding photograph.

9 Take photographs at nice looking places! If you do not know where are the nice places in Singapore to have your wedding pictures taken at, please ask your photographer for advice or research online.

Where To Take Wedding Photos In Singapore?

There are many different locations in Singapore couples love to go to for their wedding photographs – but to answer this question best for yourself, you need to first find out what you like.

  1. Do you like the outdoors? Not every couple likes the outdoors. Some couples prefer an indoor photoshoot. Those who prefer having their pre wedding photographs taken at a comfortable air conditioned place in Singapore would definitely prefer a studio photoshoot. Couples who prefer outdoors may also not necessarily like the same thing. Some couples love photographs in front of prominent Singapore buildings e.g. Marina Bay Sands building, The Fullerton Hotel, e.t.c. while others prefer outdoor wedding photography in Singapore’s nature e.g. Hort Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir.
  2. Do you like to be the centre of attention, or do you prefer having your wedding photo taken at a memorable place and/or popular tourist spot in Singapore? This is because most tourist spots look really nice, but the scenery and buildings may take the attention away from you and your spouse. If you want to be the centre of attention, which is what most couples want, then you should ideally go to places that your wedding photographer recommends – they usually know where in Singapore is great to take amazing photographs. You can try contacting the photographers at if you like such outdoor wedding photography in Singapore.
  3. Do you intend to spend a fair bit of money on your prewedding photoshoot? This is because if you want to travel to many different places across Singapore for your wedding photoshoot, then chances are you should pick the higher end package from any photography studio in Singapore e.g. the 8 hour package. This costs more, but definitely allows you to get to more different places in Singapore for your wedding photography.

Still wondering where to take wedding photos in Singapore? The above questions should help you figure out what places in Singapore you should consider going to for your wedding photoshoot. Regardless of your choice, let me provide you with some real examples of famous locations in Singapore that many couples choose to take their wedding images at.

  • Hort Park
  • Marina Bay
  • Arab Street
  • Henderson Waves


Why You Should Choose A Wedding Studio Over A Photographer

Some couples opt to choose a wedding photographer instead of going to an established studio with many professional wedding photographers in Singapore. As a person with industry experience, it is definitely better to go with a studio, and there are lots of good reasons for doing that.

Fast Response And Customer Service

First of all, when it comes to a studio, there will be staff who are photographers and others who are either in sales, finance, accounting, administration, e.t.c. This means that you’re able to enjoy a whole suite of services under the same type of services – wedding photography. You’re being taken care of by a whole family of people and staff members when you engage a wedding studio in Singapore. On the other hand, if you had hired a single bridal photographer in Singapore instead, all you see is all you get. If he/she is busy with someone else’s photoshoot or editing, you can pretty much not get a response for perhaps a week if he/she is really busy. Personally, I demand fast responses because time is the most important thing in the world to me.

Stability and security

Second of all, a wedding studio is usually more ‘stable’ in terms of their business. When you work with a freelancer, the freelancer may disappear or get out of the industry the very next day. However, there is significantly more effort invested into growing a wedding studio, hence studios seldom ‘disappear’. Instead, they’re usually in business for at least 2-10 years.

Quality Control

Third of all, a studio is generally more careful of the way they treat the quality of their photographer’s portfolio. This is because they can pick the photographers they want, to suit a particular style, which is usually the case for most wedding photography studios in Singapore. However, a single wedding photographer can only know how to be a master at so many styles of wedding photos – other than that, he/she cannot master.

Finally, pick a reputable studio in Singapore i.e. Grandeur Wedding Studio or Bloc Memoire. Don’t go with those fly by night companies in Singapore.

How Should Singapore Brides Choose Wedding Gowns?

Brides around the world prefer different types of wedding gowns, and will also suit different types of wedding gowns based on their built and figure. For brides looking for gown promotions in Singapore, check out

First of all, most brides in Singapore are relatively petite compared to European brides. This is in terms of their size and their height. This means that something which looks great on a European may not necessarily look good on you, unless you have a similar built (e.g. height and size).

Second of all, short term gain for long term pain is NOT worth it whatsoever. You will never ever be happy with that. Hence, do not pick a wedding dress because it’s in fashion. Pick one which you love, and which likely will be timeless.

Third of all, try it on. Most bridal gown boutiques let you try on several dresses for a certain small amount of money. Don’t be a scrooge. If you have to save that few hundred dollars for another thing instead of trying on your gowns, you’re probably not quite ready to get married – marriage is VERY expensive. Always try on the gowns – things that look good on the mannequin may not look good on you and vice versa.

Fourth of all, unless you love the dress, don’t pick it! This is not something that can be repeated in life. It is your wedding. Unless you love every aspect about the wedding, don’t pick that bridal dress or you will start resenting everything about it!

Lastly, it is always wise to ask your spouse to help you take a photograph of yourself when you’re trying the gowns (if allowed). This is because it will allow you to see yourself from the perspective of a person looking at a photograph (yourself in future).

These tips will help you get and pick the right wedding gown in Singapore.

3 Things That Make A Wedding Photographer Great

Just like any other professionals, there are things that certain wedding photographers in Singapore do that separate themselves from the pack, and be seen as the best in the entire industry – examples of such are

Here’s why I think they’re the best wedding photogs in Singapore.

  • They’re absolutely focused on customer experience. A truly valuable photographer is not one who provides his terrible service and quality at extremely low prices – certainly not when it comes to one of your life’s most important moments – your wedding!! YOUR WEDDING! Wedding studios or photographers who are focused on adding value to their customers at reasonable prices are the best and win the hearts of their customers.
  • They focus on winning their customer’s hearts rather than awards. There are studios who are technically perfect, and have professional photographers who are great at taking amazing looking photos and have won many photography awards, but take 6 months to reply a single enquiry or treat their customers terribly and with no respect (oh yes, there are so many such companies in Singapore). The best wedding photography studios and photographers are those who are focused on winning their customer’s business, hearts and truthful referrals, not awards and flashy useless things.
  • They fit your preference. This is your wedding. This is YOUR LIFE. You live with the consequences regardless whether it’s a result of you following your heart or someone else’s words – so live your life. If you want a particular style of wedding photography, then pick that photographer. If you want another style, then pick another photographer. Discuss only with your spouse and no one else because you two are the only people with a vested interest in the wedding photos that turn out! You’re the ones who live with it! Let’s use the above 3 studios as an example. There are people and brides in Singapore who would clearly, very much prefer photographers who are better at taking photographs of large groups of people. However, I like it secluded and feeling special with my spouse. I want to be different, not the same as everyone else. Hence, I like the feelings that the photographs taken by the above studios Grandeur , Mindy and Bloc. They give me that feeling and so I know they can take such similar wedding photographs for me and my fiance/spouse too.

Finding A suitable Wedding Photographer in Singapore

There are so many bridal studios and wedding photographer in Singapore, that many brides feel that they’re really spoilt for choice! They have no idea which photographer or studio to choose. However, if you really know about wedding photography and tarot reading, then you will know that only a few types of studios / photographers will suit you regardless of your tarot reading.

1. Customer oriented

It is unbelievable that despite having so many studios and photographers in Singapore, 99% of them have sh*tty customer service attitudes. Just a simple search online will quickly reveal that many brides who got married in Singapore and engaged a studio from Singapore had really terrible experiences. It is very crucial to get a studio or photographer who is focused on their customers. Take your time to find a studio who’s actually concerned and caring.

2. Good quality photographs – in YOUR OPINION!

No one cares about anyone else’s opinions when it comes to wedding photography. If you and your spouse thinks that a particular studio or photographer takes amazing looking wedding photographs, then that’s good. It’s important not to be swayed by people unimportant other than you two when it comes to wedding photography. Remember: you’re the ones stuck with the consequences of the decision, not the people who persuade you. Stick to your guts. If you like the photographs taken by a particular wedding studio or photographer in Singapore, great. If you don’t, then don’t use them. Period. It’s always that simple. It’s your wedding – you MAKE THE SHOTS.

3. Reviews on customer service

Check for reviews of the studio or wedding photographer – not for comments on the quality of their photographs (because you can see that for yourself on their portfolio), but for comments on the quality of their customer service (because you cannot experience this unless you’ve already paid them, which by then will be too late!).

The above are all very simple but effective and direct tips to help you find the perfect Singapore wedding photographer for you and your spouse’s wedding photo shoot.