What to expect from Singapore wedding photography packages?

After you find your Singapore wedding photographer, the next step would be to purchase a wedding photography package from him. There are various kinds of wedding photography packages in Singapore. Know what you need from the wedding photography service and choose wisely from the different kinds of packages. Below are some factors to consider.

1. Number of hours for your photo shoot
Singapore wedding photography packages typically offer 3 hours, 5 hours, or 10 hours of photography service. For your pre-wedding photo shoot, ask yourself how many pictures do you want inside your wedding album. If you only want about 50 photographs inside, then 3 hours of wedding photography service will be enough. If you want about 75 to 100 wedding photographs, you will need 5 hours of wedding photography service. The production of 100 or more wedding photographs will need the 10 hours of wedding photography service. Do note that 10 hours of wedding photography service is not the limit. Wedding photographers charge on a per-hour basis after the first 10 hours of photo shoot.

2. Inclusion of albums and frames inside the package
While some wedding studios such as Grandeur Wedding Studio offers optional products upgrades to their wedding photography packages, many other wedding studios in Singapore include these products like albums and frames in their wedding photography packages. The main advantage of making these products upgrades optional is the lower starting prices for the wedding photography packages. Visit www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore/ to know more about Grandeur Wedding Studio. People who prefer to develop their albums and frames elsewhere can opt for only the photography service from these wedding studios, without any add-on products. However, bear in mind that these wedding studios will be able to provide you with quality albums and frames as they work with the best album makers in the market. If you are unsure if you can develop quality albums or frames elsewhere, it is perhaps better to purchase from the wedding studios.

3. Make up service
Singapore wedding photography packages usually offers you make up service as well. While everyone needs make up service on their wedding day, decide whether you want to purchase from the wedding studio or engage a make up artist from elsewhere. Inquire about the professionalism and background of the make up artist from the wedding studios to aid in your decision making.

Finding The Best Singapore Wedding Photographer

Finding the best wedding photographer in Singapore is a simple task if you have gotten your tarot readings right. But in any case, here is some extra help for you in case you require it.

1. Look online. In this day and age, when even tarot readings can be done professionally and accurately online, looking for a good wedding photographer in Singapore can also be done online. Just a simple Google search will be able to help you find a lot of wedding photographers!

2. After knowing that Google can provide you with a whole list of wedding photographers in Singapore, what you need to know is the theme that you want to create for your wedding. Are you trying to create a serious and traditional marriage photography theme or a simply magical and mystical feeling wedding? All these will affect your decision when choosing your eventual wedding photographer.

3. You should ideally shortlist a list of wedding photographers from Singapore by using the criteria that you have set above. From there, you should narrow down the list of photographers or wedding studios until you only have around 3 left for you to choose from.

4. At this point in time, ask the photographer or studio for their packages as well as their prices.

5. After knowing their packages and pricing, you should rank the 3 bridal photographers or studios in Singapore in terms of the photo quality as well as their prices.

6. Select the top 2 bridal photographers and then discuss properly with your fiance which one you prefer to engage more. Since you should have done these planning and selection of your Singapore wedding photographer very early on, you should have more than sufficient time to choose the right and final photographer for your wedding.

Hopefully the above tips help you out in choosing the right photographer or wedding photography studio in Singapore.

Some tips on tarot reading on love matters

Yes, we do know that wedding is a fulfillment of fate and destiny. Many of us, especially the singles, are curious about who exactly is the love of our lives. For that matter, we turned to tarot reading on love matters.

To ensure an accurate tarot reading on love matters, below is a list of tips I have compiled for you. For those of us who believe in tarot reading, we definitely want to get the most accurate insights. From the start, we are seeking for the truths. It is common sense that the information from tarot reading should better be as accurate as possible.

1. Research and find out the masters who can perform tarot reading accurately. Tarot reading is not something that everyone can do. The people capable of conducting tarot reading accurately needs to have some forms of spiritual powers. Tarot reading needs to tap on spiritual powers for it to work effectively. Think about it – how else will you be able to find out about your future without the help of spiritual powers?

By leveraging on the power of internet, you can go online to try to get reviews and recommendations on tarot reading masters. If your country is small such as Singapore whereby you cannot find reputable tarot reading masters residing in the country, you may need to travel overseas to look for the reputable tarot reading masters. The chances of you getting an accurate tarot reading will be immensely increased if you consult a tarot reading master.

2. Clear yourself of bad and negative thoughts before you begin your tarot reading on love matters. Love is a sacred and positive power on earth. Hence, when asking for information on this positive power, you will need to avoid affecting the process of tarot reading by your negative energies by clearing them out beforehand.

3. It is good to conduct tarot reading twice on the same matter to confirm the authenticity of the information. If the results of both tarot reading are the same, you can be almost sure of the accuracy of the information.

Selecting bridal dresses is a matter of personal choice

Mentioned in my previous article, there are some things that you cannot depend on tarot reading. One such example is the selection of bridal dresses. Selection of bridal dresses is a matter of personal choice. It is not something that you can rely on tarot reading.

I want to emphasize this again – tarot reading only proves useful for predicting and informing people about the major events and incidents in their lives. It is not to guide people on day-to-day’s activities.

Women usually have their own styles and preferences. You can easily find out about their styles through their dress sense. There may be a particular wedding dress/gown that a woman may absolutely loved which may be disliked by another woman. It is important for the bride-to-be to choose the wedding dress/gown for herself and not to rely on other people’s help.

To be able to find a wedding gown that the bride will adore, it is important to choose a good wedding company in Singapore that provides rental services for wedding gowns. My top choice would be Grandeur Wedding Studio. You can check out their bridal dresses on their website. If you find the gown portfolio on their website too little, you can visit their physical boutique to check out the gowns physically. They have thousands of wedding gowns for your selection, which I’m sure will have one or two that you will find suitable for you. Besides the huge range of wedding gowns choices, another plus point about Grandeur Wedding Studio’s wedding gown rental services is its competitive rates. If I’m not mistaken, Grandeur wedding studio offers one of the lowest wedding gown rental rates in Singapore.

Another wedding studio you can look at is Dream Wedding. They also provide decent wedding gowns choices and price. It is personally my second choice of wedding boutique in Singapore.

Remember, apart from tarot reading, you can take charge of your life from your own decisions for the smallest events daily.

Some things that you cannot depend on tarot reading

Strong believers in fate and destiny will believe in tarot reading. There are much insights that tarot reading can gives us, especially insights into the future. Getting this valuable information will allow ourselves to better prepare for the future. However, tarot reading can only tell us the major events and incidents in our lives. It is difficult to predict small details from tarot reading. Moreover, it is impossible to depend on tarot reading for all aspects of lives. You cannot simply turn to tarot reading daily to ask about the smallest details that may happen to your life each day.

It is great for those who have successfully gained insights on their love life through tarot reading. More often than not, you will be getting married to this chosen life partner as hinted through tarot reading. As you are preparing for the wedding, you will realize that you and your spouse are on your own to take care of the whole preparation process, unless you hire a wedding planner or seek help from your family members or close friends.

As mentioned earlier, there are some things that you cannot depend on tarot reading – the small details in life.

Things such as wedding proposals, wedding vendors selection, wedding date selection, wedding finance planning, wedding suit and dress selection, and wedding hotel booking will need you and your spouse to handle. You cannot seek advice from tarot cards for these small matters. Technically, due to the mechanisms of tarot reading, it can’t provide you that information as well due to the limited information it can give you.

Hence, when you are planning for your wedding such as deciding which popular bridal photography studio to hire, rely on your own skills to do so. You can easily find out the popular bridal photography studios around in Singapore on the internet. There are also some roadshows or mega wedding shows taking place a few times a year in Singapore. Many large wedding boutiques will usually set up stalls there. Visit these wedding shows to be exposed to the many wedding boutiques in Singapore.

When you learn to balance your reliance on tarot reading and your own skills, you will gain much more wisdom and progress in your life.

Why Choose Singapore For Your Wedding Photoshoot?

If you are born in South East Asia, forget about considering where to go for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Singapore is your only choice. From what I know, about 97% of people who had tarot card readings done and were born in South East Asia realized that they needed to get married or at least have their wedding photographs taken in Singapore. The reasons for these are both spiritual as well as logical.

Some of the most recommended wedding photography studios in Singapore include http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/ as well as http://www.acapella.sg/.

– Singapore is a small place and yet has lots of places with different backdrops for you to take your wedding photographs at. The botanic gardens as well as Hort Park are hot favorites for couples who had their tarot reading done and needed to get outdoor photography.

– For couples who needed to get their wedding photoshoots taken at indoor areas, there are tons of them in Singapore! Ranging from the Fullerton Hotel to the famous Marina Bay Sands, or even within the Gardens By The Bay domes, you will have no lack of choices for the backdrop of your wedding photography.

-For couples who need to get their wedding images taken at churches in Singapore, there are lots of them! In fact, there is a very church situated in the middle of the Singapore city area.

You can also travel from and between different places in Singapore very easily both via public transport like the bus or MRT as well as car or taxi. This makes everything very convenient to get your wedding photographs taken in Singapore versus some neighboring countries like Jakarta where transportation can be really inefficient.


Wedding – fulfillment of fate and destiny

For us who believes in tarot reading, we believe in the concepts of fate and destiny. Everyone has his/her fate planned out for him/her since birth. No matter what they do, the outcomes will generally be the same. So why not take a step back and enjoy the ride, instead of trying to do things your own way. Generally, we believe that only minor incidents will be able to change some of the outcomes in life. The major outcomes and events in life would have been planned out and fixed already. This includes wedding and marriage.

Your life partner would have been chosen when you are born. There are a few segments you can find out about your future through tarot card reading. One of them is love. By going through tarot reading, you can find out about your love life in the short, medium or long term horizon. For example, you can check whether have you met the love of your life and whether you are close to her right now. Usually, people start to ask about their love affairs through tarot reading when they are above the age of 20. It will be too early to ask about love life when you are below 20 as most of us get married in the late 20s and early 30s. Tarot reading probably cannot provide you with good information if you ask about your love life too early. In life, there will be people whom you can clique easily with, and some others whom you just cannot get along with, no matter how hard you try. There should be a special someone who will fit into your life perfectly. You will feel it when you met him/her. When you felt it, you may want to confirm it thorugh tarot reading. Eventually, both of you will fulfill your fate and destiny by getting married to each other.

Marriage is not a joke; it’s a serious event in our life. While your love partner has be chosen for you at the start, be sure to treasure him/her and make the relationship last. It takes two hands to clap. Both of you will need to put in efforts into your relationship to make it count. Do not take things for granted. Having said that, plan your wedding event well which will serve as a beautiful memory for both of you. You can engage a good wedding studio such as Grandeur Wedding Studio to plan and ensure that the wedding run smoothly and beautifully. You should also consistently plan fun activities in your lives to create memorable memories between both of you.

Getting Married? Tips For Finding Singapore Wedding Photographers

If you’re like me, you probably believe in the power of tarot reading. And like with all things tarot reading, there are some things with respect to marriage and love that you can read and find out from authentic tarots.

Likewise, I believe this is case when it comes to your wedding photographs and wedding dresses too! If you have not already used authentic tarot reading to find out your real preferences and tastes for wedding photography and bridal dresses, then quickly do so. If you have already done your tarot reading, then read on:

  1. If you have found out that you were meant to take an outdoor wedding photoshoot, then you might want to check out Grandeur Wedding Studio and engage their wedding photography services. Grandeur Wedding Studio specializes in outdoor wedding photography and as you can see from their pre-wedding images as displayed on their website, their photographs taken by their staff look truly amazing!
  2. If you have found out through authentic tarot reading that you should actually be taking an indoor photo shoot (e.g. studio), then you might want to check out Firefly Photography’s studio photography packages. They have a good sized indoor studio for wedding photography. If you’re meant to get an indoor photo shoot, then definitely check out Firefly.

Alright, now let us move on to bridal dresses.

  1. If you prefer the traditional style of wedding dresses, then Serangoon Broadway is definitely a good choice for you. They have a large collection of traditional looking wedding dresses that you can look at and choose from to rent.
  2. If you want more modern looking, edgy and Korean-style wedding dresses, then Dream Wedding bridal boutique would be a better choice for you. They also have a large collection and they are located at Ubi area (they have 2 offices).